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would like to know if it’s possible to do and if so howww? Thanks
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I’ll tell you the truth why my quads got 40 hours on and id like to keep it low so I can be like look at me on my low houred quad what nobody really has unless brand new I’m not a scammer an never will be and I highly doubt il be selling my trx as it’s a beasttt!
so instead of staying honest like honda intended the atv from the factory, you think just my turning the hour meter off just for bragging rights is ok ?. really need to grow up. instead of disabling the hour meter like your trying to do ?, JUST TURN THE DAMN MACHINE OFF !. or..your trying to keep the hours very low, and yet still ride it ?..I just dont have any words for folks like you, least not what I can post on here without breaking rules !..lmfao.
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if your NOT a scammer, then why you worried about it having low hours, as if you want bragging rights to say WOW I have a LOW hour ATV, and you disabled the hour meter to have it SHOW low hours, even though you been running it and using it?
WELL< then my friend, you ARE a scammer?
as that would be lying 101 right there!
so what else would you call it, if its not deceiving others by altering a meter so it shows UN true hours on the machine?
you might want to think before you type!
lol, I dont think he has thought it out very well !..lmao.
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I would love to know what shade tree edited out.

But anyway what will it be, a photo of when you 1st purchased the quad?

Your the one that started a thread titled bent wheel, frame, or hub...then you start this thread, wanting to know how to disconnect the hour meter, smh...

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he had the F word in his post, which is NOT allowed in post !
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