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would like to know if it’s possible to do and if so howww? Thanks
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you an also disconnect it, but WHY would you want to, unless your trying to plan ahead to scam someone , trying to say it has LOW Hours and you been riding it for ever!
the meter is there to tell you and others of the use its had on the motor and drive train, so you can do proper PM"S at correct time and hour intervals !
don't know your reasons, but the one I listed comes to MY mind when I read topic's like this!
well if your motor is idling, parts inside are moving and wearing out as they move, again nature of the beast!

and what difference would it make if it counted hours?
its telling a story about the machine,
there is again NO real reason to want it to stay at low hours, unless you planning to use that as a tool when time to sell again, and your be scamming a person if you deactivated so it stays at LOW hours!
want to stay at LOW hours for REAL< don;t use it much< shut it off when idling?
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and FYI< pending yr of atv, the ECU might keep track of the hour meter being disabled too, so, harder to cheat these days than ever
same with vehicles
as yrs back many wanted to stop miles from adding up on OD< so they can then sell later on as low miles vehicles!
computers today track this stuff for these reasons!
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Did you see his other thread, where he wrecked the quad?

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NO I did not, or didn't notice it!
the word fraud comes to mind when I hear folks trying to remove items designed to keep track of things, as there is no real logical reason to remove a hour meter
Heck, most motors that DON"T have them, many owner wish they did and add them, not the other way!
seems shady deal here IMO!
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if your NOT a scammer, then why you worried about it having low hours, as if you want bragging rights to say WOW I have a LOW hour ATV, and you disabled the hour meter to have it SHOW low hours, even though you been running it and using it?
WELL< then my friend, you ARE a scammer?
as that would be lying 101 right there!
so what else would you call it, if its not deceiving others by altering a meter so it shows UN true hours on the machine?
you might want to think before you type!
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