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12 Rancher TRX420FE changing gears problem.

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Hello, I'd just bought a Rancher and never yet owned a Honda ATV so I don't know if how Honda drive like that. The Rancher starts good and when push the button to either 1st gear or Reverse it jolts a little (may be idle too high). All the gears change ok when riding only wait for the rpm slow down or the Rancher would dies. Does not matter if up shift or down shift. What causing that?
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Update: Idle is fixed after cleaned out the TB and the shift motor. However, it still dies when changing gears if not really slow down and at 4th or 5th gears it doesn't die but can not move the atv untill have to shift back to neutral and it fine again. There is must be some safety sensor causing it.
Check the clutch adjustment.
Thank you Rocketman51444. You are genius! Now my Rancher runs perfect.
I'm going to need you to type that up and send it to my wife...
Seriously glad it fixed it.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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