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09 Recon dead battery???

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Brought home my 09 recon this past December. I rode it a few times in the snow, but now, it won't start with the battery. I have to pull start it. I've checked the battery cables, they are clean and tight, and the battery is sealed. I've even tried to trickle charge it. Could the battery be junk already??? Any ideas??
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Batteries will almost always show around 12v even if drained, unless they have a bad cell. Once you put a load on them the voltage will drop, but just sitting disconnected they will nearly always show 12v on a meter.

The relatively small size of these batteries leaves little room for error when starting. A car battery has so much reserve charge that they can start a car even if heavily discharged. ATV batteries don't have that much reserve so need to well maintained.
Acid core batteries shouldn't be cycled. If it's an acid core battery, I think they are blowing smoke up your butt, but whatever.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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