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09 Recon dead battery???

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Brought home my 09 recon this past December. I rode it a few times in the snow, but now, it won't start with the battery. I have to pull start it. I've checked the battery cables, they are clean and tight, and the battery is sealed. I've even tried to trickle charge it. Could the battery be junk already??? Any ideas??
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The battery on my three month old 09 recon went bad. Took the battery to the dealer. They checked it and said it was bad. They would not give me a new one until I brought the recon to the shop so they could take the battery out and check the charging system. The hastle of loading the recon and not knowing how long it would sit at the dealer until they got around to it made me angry. I stopped at the parts store and bought a new one. Have never had good luck with Yuasa batteries anyway. May be the last Honda I buy. I had put a meter on the system and the battery read 12.4v but when you touched the starter it went to 3v. After maually starting the recon it was putting out 13.6v so I know the engine was putting out a charge. The recon starts perfect with the new battery. Hondas policy just shot themselves in the foot.
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