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09 Recon dead battery???

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Brought home my 09 recon this past December. I rode it a few times in the snow, but now, it won't start with the battery. I have to pull start it. I've checked the battery cables, they are clean and tight, and the battery is sealed. I've even tried to trickle charge it. Could the battery be junk already??? Any ideas??
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Well, checked with a voltmeter. 12.4. When try to crank the machine, it drops int the toilet. When i manually start the machine, it goes up over 14 volts. I charged it for 3 hours at 2 amps. Still junk!!! I will call the dealer tomorrow and see what they say....
Well, I took the battery to the dealer, and they said it tested very weak. They kept it overnight and said they "cycled" it and it should be fine now. It starts now, and they did say any more problems bring it back, so I guess I am OK with what they did for now.
Update on the battery. It works great for over a week now. I don't know what they meant by cycling or conditioning, but remember, I did try charging it at 2 amps for the day but it wouldn't even crank it over.........So....... This is what I have concluded..... It works now, It's sunny and 65 degrees....... and I'm writing this while I should be riding my Honda.... Thanks for all the posts!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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