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09 rancher AT stuck in 1st gear

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ok first off my name is Dustin im new to the site. my question is...i just put a clutch kit in my 09 Rancher 420 AT (irs). after putting the new springs in and reassembling the whole bike i turned the key on to find that it was in 1st gear, i figured no big deal ill just shift it into neutral. well this is where the problems start. it will not shift into nuetral, reverse, nothing. only into 2 gear thats all. also does the same thing in auto. i have taken the gear control mechanism on and off trying to figure something thing out. no matter what i do i get the same thing. could i have jammed something up when i put the front engine cover back on? i wouldnt think i did. i would surely appreciate any suggestions. thanks
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If it was shifting right, when you went into the engine to put the clutch kit in, I would take it back apart and recheck everything to make sure you've got it back right.
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