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Hey everybody, I'm having some problems out of a rancher 420 AT that I picked up to fix and sell to make myself a little extra money. Ive read multiple different threads and searched over the service manual but i can't exactly put my finger on what is going on. I have installed a new fuel pump and replaced the old fuel in the tank with good fuel. Also, i changed the oil and filter because the oil did have fuel in it. The motor has supposedly just been rebuilt by a trusted mechanic ( as I'm told by the person i bought it from) which was top and bottom end. so anyways, there is the back story, now here are my symptoms: when i turn the key on, there is a dash (-) on the gear position indicator which does 4 short flashes. I have had it also appear as one solid dash after I've spun it over but sometimes it appears solid, and sometimes it flashes 4 times. Another thing, it will halfway "run" if i hold the throttle wide open, but with the throttle wide open, it sounds like it may be 1/4 throttle and as i let off it will go down to where when I'm at 1/4 throttle and it sounds like it could be idling, and when i let go of the throttle it will cut off. I was going to see if i could get anybody else's opinion on what it could be, because i have not had much experience with the newer four wheelers being EFI and digital display and what not, mainly the older ones like 300's and recons and such. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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