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09 420 fa

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I just bought a 09 420 fa with auto and esp I was getting code 21 and replaced the angle sensor it then wanted to shift but wouldn't because it was locked up it was recently in a shop where they attempted to repair it and couldn't figure it out so after getting the angle sensor fixed I took the front covers off for inspection and found my manual shift rod was all the way down with the gear resting on the casing I couldn't move it so took the clutch cover off to find the snap ring not in place or the washer also I noticed the shift rod would move in and out some so my question is will there be any Mark's for me to got buy to line the rod up I have it in the center location right now and I'm getting a solid dash it will turn the rod one way but not the other I'm thinking because it pulled out that it's not lined up on something and is stuck between gears the other problem is it wont crank back up it has fuel and spark but will not run it ran before I took it apart what could I have done wrong here I'm thinking of pulling the motor and going through the transmission has anyone else had this problem is it a shift fork maybe or the shift drum please help tia.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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