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09 420 fa

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I just bought a 09 420 fa with auto and esp I was getting code 21 and replaced the angle sensor it then wanted to shift but wouldn't because it was locked up it was recently in a shop where they attempted to repair it and couldn't figure it out so after getting the angle sensor fixed I took the front covers off for inspection and found my manual shift rod was all the way down with the gear resting on the casing I couldn't move it so took the clutch cover off to find the snap ring not in place or the washer also I noticed the shift rod would move in and out some so my question is will there be any Mark's for me to got buy to line the rod up I have it in the center location right now and I'm getting a solid dash it will turn the rod one way but not the other I'm thinking because it pulled out that it's not lined up on something and is stuck between gears the other problem is it wont crank back up it has fuel and spark but will not run it ran before I took it apart what could I have done wrong here I'm thinking of pulling the motor and going through the transmission has anyone else had this problem is it a shift fork maybe or the shift drum please help tia.
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Haha yea I am seeing more of that as i read but it's ok I'm pretty good at throwing things and having extra parts left over but thanks I will tear it back open I believe there is something on the shift rod the has to match up with the shift fork I'm going to open it back up and see what I find it has to be something with that that is the only thing that could of got off there were no other parts that moved and I will look for any marks on the way and try to take pictures that has to be holding it from cranking thinking its between gears I will figure it out and get back with results thanks again.
Ok so I tore back in it and found that the shop didn't get the shift linkage back right got all that taken care of and back together and realized I left my key on so battery was dead however I was able to get it started and it will shift fine now but it wont go and I'm wondering if it's from the oil that was in it when I got it the oil was white not like mixed with water white like snow white i did find water in it but my question is would my clutches be bad from the oil or should i fill it with diesel and let it sit also the is a screw on top of the front cover close to the oil filter is that a bleed screw for the oil pump I'm trying to make sure my oil pump is working how can I test it tia.
Also can someone send me the link for the service manual for this model 09 420 fa tia.
Maybe I'm stupid or something but I dont see and manuals on this model also is there a bleed screw i can check to see if the oil pumps are working i know it has 2 but not sure where to check it i will buy a manual if need be but thought i would see if someone already had one tia.
Jeepwm69 thanks that answered a lot of my thoughts I will be fine from here on and I will let you know what I find but the bolt I thought to be a bleeder screw for oil pressure is not getting any oil at all so I believe it's something with the pump it's thanks so much I will get this thing right and hopefully have a good four wheeler before long. Thanks again.
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Thanks to everyone that's has tried to help answer my questions it's nice to be able to access this kind of information and have people to help along the way thanks a lot.
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