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Hello I am new to the forum I have a 2009 420 fa it is auto and esp it was giving me a code 21 so I changed the angle sensor now after that it was wanting to shift but was locked up cause the guy that tried to fix it didn't put it back together right so I took the front cover off to check everything good thing I did but now that it's back together it wont start or change gear it tries to but I'm only getting a solid dash now I have read so much but nothing that has fixed this problem I did just read about the thick grease being a problem I will try that asap but when I had it apart I noticed the snap ring on the manual shift rod not in its groove and also the shaft would move in and out about an inch the othe guy had it turned all the way down so it couldn't shift with the gear on it I'm wondering it here is a pin on the shift fork that has to be lined up when the shat is all the way in could this be my problem that something is not right further in i dont want to tear it open if it is supposed to be centerly located like i have it I'm lost and it ran fine before just wouldn't move now i have nothing please help tia.
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