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"09" 420 battery problems already?

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Anyone else that has the AT + EPS system having trouble with the shifter because of a low battery level? Took mine to dealer service ( under warranty) and was told I'd need to charge battery after riding. Using a pro. charger, to get it up to 20 amps in order to work the auto shift. This is a new bike with 300 miles. Do these batterys have a warrenty? Why can't the alt. keep up?
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Not sure about the warranty, but if you don't ride it for long periods then it is possible the battery charge isn't being properly maintained. Not sure of the situation before you purchased the machine, but at the dealer in my city, they put the machines out by the street during the day and then move them back to storage at night, so it's possible that with the constant starting without actually riding the machines for long periods that the batteries would get discharged. If your machine was used in a similar way while at the dealer then it may have just been badly discharged when you got it.
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