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My quad has a strange starting issue.

I replaced my starter clutch and reduction gear at the end of the 2019 season. It worked perfectly for a while but I am now having problems. I'm leaning toward that these gears are not my current issue though because it doesn't make the same free spinning sounds as the last time these gears went bad.

The problems I have now seem to be associated with the clutch somehow. The sounds it makes are like the starter and gear are working fine but something else isn't grabbing properly. Something keeps slipping and it's not cranking the motor and making compression. Eventually, it catches, and fires right up like it should. There's often a starting problem after the quad is stalled. Which is why I'm thinking it's related to teeth on a gear somewhere other than the starter gears.

One of the main reasons I think it's clutch and crank related is because one time I couldn't get it to start after my girlfriend stalled it pretty hard. I tried to bump start it down a hill but when I dumped the clutch something locked up and it made a really bad sounding whining noise similar to when you force the quad to roll backwards in gear. Then after a second or two something sounded like it may have snapped and broke free, then it started.

Can anyone give me their thoughts before I tear into this thing? I particularly hate dealing with going behind the clutch so I'd really like to find out a good direction before I start exploring.

To my knowledge (I'm no expert) it could be 1 of 3 things:
-It is actually just the starter gears
-The teeth on the inner clutch basket are worn and not catching the starter clutch properly
-Maybe the teeth at the base of the flywheel?

Any insight would be helpful
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