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08 rancher clutch issues

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Starting off I'm new to this thread. I have an 08 rancher that fails to move. I start the bike and can shift and feel it shift. But applying throttle there is no movement at all. When the problem started it the bike would still move. It just seemed as though you were trying to go in 5th gear from a dead stop. But after riding a bit and the bike warm up the problem would go away. Now the bike will not move even under full throttle. I have the front cover removed as I believe the clutch is the issue. But there is no noticeable issues other than some wear on the weights and grooves in the outer drum. They are smooth not sharp or rigid but I'm not sure if this is my issue. Everything seems to be working properly. The outer drum will spin clockwise but not counter as I believe it should. I'm going to order new weights and outer drum. Does anyone believe this is my issue or have other theories. I'd like to add pics but not sure how
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Exactly what type of oil is running in this engine? Brand and weight?

I used the exact Honda oil from dealer
Had you adjusted the clutch prior to removing the cover? If you did then the friction disks will be worn

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Yes I adjusted the clutch adjustment screw. This just made the foot shifter harder to engage and make the shift between gears way rougher... if that makes sense.
odds are, your not adjusting your clutch right ?, or your friction disk are too worn ?.
If you remove the friction disks you can mic them to check if they are in tolerance, there isn't a lot of meat on new ones so using a micrometer is the best way to tell. But new ones are not that expensive anyway.

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Ok so I opened it up and replaced pretty much everything. The only thing I left was the one way bearing as it seemed to be fine, and one friction plate and clutch plate as I didn't order enough. Slapped it back together today and here I am with the same exact issue. And now when I kill the bike I seem to here a whining noise. I jacked the bike up and it turns as should and can go through the gears. Just absolutely no power when I set it on ground. Any thoughts?
You sure you got the one way bearing in right when you put it back together? If you put it in backwards, it won't go.
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Assuming you adjusted the clutch correctly, it sounds like the centrifugal clutch is worn out completely. This is a far fetched idea because I have never seen a centrifugal clutch so bad that it would not pull at all. The whining sound when killing could be the outer hub of the centrifugal clutch continuing to spin after the engine is shut off. And Yes, the outer hub will spin due to the minor friction of the the spinning crankshaft thru the bearing.
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