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Afternoon All!
New to the forums here, My name is Chris and I'm looking to get some input on here as to my issues but need to provide some backstory so that you can see the full picture. I've searched the forums but haven't seen anything that matches my issues with the bike not shifting properly.

Purchased an 08 420 Rancher FE/ES back in 2013 and it's my first purchase. Purchase was for hunting as I was apart of a hunt club at the time.
I had intermittent issues with it shifting over the next year or so if water (possibly splashed up as I didn't really pay attention) was involved. Ex: Crossing a small creek and water barely making halfway on the tires. Note: Tires are 27'' Swamp Witches on SS rims. I could let it sit and at times found water in my shift motor connector so I would dry it out and would start back working. I started using dielectric grease on all the connectors in hopes that a splash wouldn't leave me stranded (Found out later that I had no shift tool under the seat) or stuck in one gear. This has only happened a few times but has gotten worse over time and now won't shift unless you do it manually.

I use to live out in the country and had a rat or mouse chew on my wiring harness right at the ECU. Never broke the wire just chewed off the plastic sheathing of the wire so I taped it up with electrical tape until I could address it later. It was still drive-able and shifted gears just fine unless it got wet like it normally would. Between then and now it quit shifting properly, I quit riding it as much and would only let it run for 20 -30 mins every few weeks at a time to keep the battery up. The other part of not riding it was because It would shift up but not down and I had to do it manually without a shifter and now it won't shift at all. So today I replaced the angle sensor and it seemed to work but it would only do the shift up and not down. After checking all the connectors and testing to fix the down shift as the manual says to at some point I must have had the shift motor connector on the front of the bike disconnected when I turned the key on and it start going back to what it was doing...Just blinking a code and not shifting at all. I connected it back but its still acting like it has the same issue as before replacing the angle sensor.
I can select all gears manually on level ground but have had to rock it at times for a gear to catch. Not sure of that is normal or not but thought I would mention it.

What I've done so far:
1. Replaced angle sensor - Starting somewhat working then quit after trying find why it wouldn't down shift.
2. Per the manual - tested and check the harness wires and everything seems to check out just fine.
3. Thought that the chewed up wires was to blame but I've cutout the bad part of the wires out and soldered in a new one with heat-shrink tubing.
4. Check the shift motor- taken apart cleaned the communicator and verified that it works with 12v direct line to battery, Reversed the leads and it works. Also checked the resistance and it checks to be good. (Note: I didn't rotate the motor while checking resistance but will try this when I can. Not real sure what it should show but I'm sure it's posted somewhere about that.
5. Reset DCT to clear memory. Still not working.
Code on it before angle sensor replacement was 23-1, 2 long blinks and 3 short blinks, Code on it now is 24-1. 2 long blinks and 4 short blinks.
Testied what it says to test given the current code and eveything checkd out good. Am I missing something?

Nothing that I've tried from the manual helps. Anything else I can try? I don't want to buy parts just to throw at it to see if its going to fix it or not.

Thanks in advance!
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