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08 Honda 420 es making noise in neutral

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I just got my 2008 Honda 420 es and in neutral it is making a grinding, rattling noise that increases in volume with increased RPM. Runs and drives great and shifts fine which makes me believe that the transmission and Top end of the motor must be functioning properly. If anyone has any ideas of what it may be or if you have had a similar problem please help me out. Thanks :grin:grin
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when i got my 2000es in 08, it made strange noises. i finally figured it out. the storage box at the back was touching the frame. so i stuck a buffer there, then the noise stopped. i dont remember if it were an old sock or two, or heavy duty plastic wrap. guess i will know, when it makes noise again. :smile
you can rough shift an es. it's all it the timing, of the shift.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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