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08 Honda 420 es making noise in neutral

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I just got my 2008 Honda 420 es and in neutral it is making a grinding, rattling noise that increases in volume with increased RPM. Runs and drives great and shifts fine which makes me believe that the transmission and Top end of the motor must be functioning properly. If anyone has any ideas of what it may be or if you have had a similar problem please help me out. Thanks :grin:grin
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Hmmm. I had to replace shift forks in an 08 that was doing that. It still ran and drove, but just made a horrible noise.

That was on a footshift bike, driven by a kid who was rough on shifting. On an ES machine I have a hard time thinking that would be your issue.

Have you checked your muffler clamps to make sure one hasn't rusted through allowing it to rattle? I know it sounds silly but you'd be surprised at the noise something like that will make.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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