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08 Honda 420 es making noise in neutral

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I just got my 2008 Honda 420 es and in neutral it is making a grinding, rattling noise that increases in volume with increased RPM. Runs and drives great and shifts fine which makes me believe that the transmission and Top end of the motor must be functioning properly. If anyone has any ideas of what it may be or if you have had a similar problem please help me out. Thanks :grin:grin
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Also does anyone know how to reset the change oil message that comes up. Changed the oil and filter too so would like to get the message off of the screen. Thanks
I can only tell you about a 2014 Rancher but I hope the procedure for yours in similar.

Press and hold the mode select button and turn the ignition switch ON.
The maintenance indicator will appear and flash twice. After the two flashes, release the mode select button.

Wait, just found instructions for the 2008:
Press and HOLD the Select Button
Turn ignition ON
Continue to hold the Select Button until the oil change message disappears
Release Select Button
Turn ignition Off then back On.
Message should be gone.

I hope this helps you.
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Read my last post again, please. I think you read it while I was editing the original post. LOL
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