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08 Foreman 420 front differential, water intrusion

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Recently acquired Craigslist 08 Rancher 420. Changed all fluids. Front axle oil was white with water, changed it, didn't do a flush, but oil drained for hours. Used in water this weeken, oil is white again. There isn't any oil leaking from the front end but obviously water in the oil. What are some possible points of intrusion that I should be troubleshooting to fix this. The breather tube seems intact and was above the water line. If a rebuild is necessary to replace the seals, what is the procedure for doing this and parts needed? Any and all thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Trying to get this fixed before duck season as I'll have it in the water a lot once that comes along.
Thanks in advance.
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There is obviously the 2 seals on either side where the CV enters the diff, then there is the one for the driveshaft to connect to the pinion. I'm not sure if there is any other entry points, such as a speed sensor hole or perhaps something for the 2/4wd mechanism, but I would check those out regardless, and you already stated you looked at the breather line.

As far as replacing those 3 main seals, likely all you would need is the seals themselves, but of course while it's apart you'd want to inspect the surface the seal rides on, whether it be the CV or driveshaft. If they are damaged then the new seals won't last either.

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