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08 420 rancher, no shift!!!

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i have an 08 rancher 420 es, at certain time it decides not to shift. it is like you arent even pushing the shift button. worst of all, the warranty just ran out. it is at the honda shop right now, but the honda tach line told the shop " if you cant get it to fail, let the owner have it back."
all the tach did was hook up the ecu, to check to see if there were any codes. which there werent, and it works. i dont want to get it, since the warranty is up and nothing was done to fix the problem.
anyone got any ideas whats going on with this?
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Mine does it from time to time and it's still pretty much new. It seems like the transmission forgets what gear it is in. I've found that shutting it off and restarting it has always resolved the problem. I wonder if I should get it looked at but it's not really been that big of problem.
Sometimes my dads 09' AT does that. It won't respond and will show a horizontal line where the gear position is on the dash, but after a few seconds it goes away and doesn't do it anymore.
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