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07 Rancher start issue

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2007 Fourtrax 420FM
New to the site and very impressed so far.
My problem is this - we swamped the quad, then it would not restart. Brought it home, started troubleshooting. Changed oil a few times till clear of water traces. Still no start. Heard snapping noise under seat. Was the solenoid making loud snap. Replaced this, but still no start. Took off starter and grounded it, then tried the key - starter is spinning out, no problem. Re-connected, but still no start. Any ideas??!
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Genious. Plug was stubborn trying to crack it to get it started! After I got it removed and tried the key - a shower of water erupted.
Good call!!
Now what should I do? I just quickly touched the start button 2 times and got more water. What is my next step?

Thanks again.
if your cranking it by the elec start..make sure to ground the spark plug to the motor..or you will fry your c.d.i..other than that..keep cranking it..i would use the pul you elec starter wear..after a few pulls of the rope..put your plug back in..crank it should run..well..that is...if your carb isn't flooded with water also ???
Not sure I completely follow. The spark plug is out. This is where the water is spitting out from. Are you saying put the top of the plug back into the plug wire boot and ground the bottom part of the plug onto the engine?
Also my machine does not have a pull cord. Don't want to sound too much like a rookie, but what does cdi stand for.
Thanks for your help and patience.
yes..spark plug in boot..ground it ( touch it to the motor ) while your cranking for your bike not having a pull starter on should ??..surely they don't just put elec start's on these newer atv's now ?? else are you going to start it if your battery goes dead ?..there should be a pull start rope behind a little side cover on the right hand side..near the heal of where your foot rest..looks like a pop's out of the frame from rubber holders...i could be wrong on yours..i'm not too keen on these newer bikes ..but i do know they come with pull start ..unless they are optional ???..who knows ! not a rookie..alot of ppl do not know what c.d.i stands for..most ppl dont stands for capacitor discharge ignition..more commonly known as ecm..the brains for your electronics..this brain tells the atv when to fire the spark plug. added: and welcome to the formus !
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the new ranchers dont have pull start its 200 dollar add on u have to buy
wow..that sux ! my 2000 rancher has one on it !..i can't imagine not having a back up starting feature..being some where out in bum you know where..and the battery decides to go on a coffee break !
Got her all running fine now thanks to the help i found here. Thanks again.
your welcome
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