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I have an 07 rancher that squeaks intermittently from the front differential?.(not exactly sure where it is coming from) The squeak only happens when in 2WD, and does not always happen. It can be quiet for several miles, then start squeaking. It only happens when the bike is moving.
I can shake, push, bounce the ATV while it is stopped and not get it to squeak. When the bike is moving in 2WD, as soon as the 2WD - 4WD select lever is moved to 4WD the intermittent squeak goes away. Put it back in 2WD drive, and squeak comes back. With the bike off, moving the lever from 2 to 4 WD, I can occasionally get a squeak.
Has 500 miles on it. Started doing it at 300 miles. When it started it was very intermittent, now it is almost all the time.
Any ideas?
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