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07 Rancher Question

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Hey guys, I've read a lot on here and learned quite a bit but had a question i was hoping someone could help me with. Im selling my 99 Polaris Ranger and buying a Rancher. Ranger just keeps giving me trouble and want an EFI atv and am going with a honda. Ive found a 07 Rancher in great shape that I am going to look at and probably buy this weekend. It is a TRX420FM7, 2007 Rancher 4x4 Electric Start, foot shift, SRA. Some I've found have had black wheels and some had the silver wheels on them. Is there a difference in model or did some just come each way? I can't seem to get an answer on that. I have kept going back and forth on the electric thumb shift vs foot shift and the foot shift just seems more reliable but without experience its hard to know. Any suggestions on which way to go with the shift? Thanks so much. Also will mainly be using for some trail riding and mostly hunting in the woods. Light mudding but not really as big into that aspect as I used to be. Thanks again for any help
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Foot shift has fewer parts (none electric), requires zero maintenance, so is more reliable for those reasons. I'm not sure about the black vs silver wheels on certain models, maybe someone else will chime in..? Welcome to the forums!
Hollar when ya get that Rancher unloaded... we'd love to see some pics!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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