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Bought a project 07 ES Rancher a few weeks ago that had 4th gear out; it would just grind when shifted into 4th. Pulled the motor and tore it all apart. Honda has a kit that has a new shift drum and two gears for 4th. I replaced those along with all three shift forks. The shift fork for 4th was in pretty bad shape. Put it all back together and tested it and it was working. Did a short ride up and down the road and it went into 4th fine. Yesterday decided to take it out and do some trail riding with it, never went above 3rd gear on the trails and it did fine. Got back in the open and got it up to 4th and it wouldn't go into 4th again. Pretty bummed, not sure what is happening.

It seems like it isn't moving the gears far enough on the shaft to engage with each other when shifting into 4th. I'm wondering if it is something in the shift ratchet mechanism, everything looked fine when I was in it working on it.

I know the 09 and up have a different part number for the shift drum, anyone know if they are different and if so will work in the 07-08? Any other ideas?

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That's a bummer for sure when you split cases and something isn't right afterwards. Been there, done that.

Only thing I know to tell you is to pull the front cover, and see what it looks like when you try to run through the gears.

If it were something with the shift linkage I would think the issue would be there in all the gears.
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