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07 Honda foreman 500 4x4

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Just picked up a Honda foreman 500 4x4 needed a top end well I got all the stuff to rebuild it and we’ll the guy has stuffed a rag under the piston and pulled the piston down on top of it to keep trash out but now I can’t get the piston to come back up on it any help I’m lost it’s not seized up I filled motor with marvels mystery oil to clean the inside with out pulling the motor apart like I did with my rancher but I can’t get the piston up so I can get this rag out so I can rebuild it
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if its been sunk as many times as you say ??^^, chances are..your top end work wont even last a month !. I agree..unless you pull and split the motor, wash it all out good, then put it back together ??..your wasting yours and our time !.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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