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07 Honda foreman 500 4x4

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Just picked up a Honda foreman 500 4x4 needed a top end well I got all the stuff to rebuild it and we’ll the guy has stuffed a rag under the piston and pulled the piston down on top of it to keep trash out but now I can’t get the piston to come back up on it any help I’m lost it’s not seized up I filled motor with marvels mystery oil to clean the inside with out pulling the motor apart like I did with my rancher but I can’t get the piston up so I can get this rag out so I can rebuild it
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not sure WHY motor is in need of a top end, but if SUNK< or??
there is NO WAY to clean the inside of a motor by flushing
flushing is ONLY a gamble, some times it gets enough out to run for a while, MANY times it doesn't

SO< honestly, if your looking for long term life out of the motor, SPLIT the cases, all the more so NOT knowing what all has been done to the motor before you had it
might have been sunk MANY times and old owner ditched it knowing so!
just a top end, and you can soon have wasted all your time and money on a top end , as will be back to smoking or worse real soon!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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