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07 Honda foreman 500 4x4

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Just picked up a Honda foreman 500 4x4 needed a top end well I got all the stuff to rebuild it and we’ll the guy has stuffed a rag under the piston and pulled the piston down on top of it to keep trash out but now I can’t get the piston to come back up on it any help I’m lost it’s not seized up I filled motor with marvels mystery oil to clean the inside with out pulling the motor apart like I did with my rancher but I can’t get the piston up so I can get this rag out so I can rebuild it
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Fourwheeler has been ragged hard I only got it cause I got it cheap cheap
Yes has been sunk servers times I’ve seen it get sunk 20 time myself
The guy just did the bottom end and then he didn’t set the rings right on piston so cause it to smoke and so on and so forth and he didn’t clean a single thing when he put the top end together after doing the bottom end he rushed thru the top end getting excited cause he was close to being finished
I mean I’m just putting a top end in it if it last for a month oh well I can really complain I got 100 dollars tied up in it purchasing it I the I’m new to the forum posted one other time about a rancher 350 but never got a response but I need help with this one now
Exactly it was a buddy of mine he didn’t get to ride it but one time around his yard after the full rebuild bottom and top end I watched him do the bottom end so I dont need to go into bottom I just know that I watched him rush the top end so I know the top end wasn’t done right
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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