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07 420 FM stalling when i hit water

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ko, here it is. I have a 2007 420 FM and I can ride trail and lite mud all day, no problems. BUT, when I go to really play and get in some water, this thing will stall. Air box has always been bone dry. It will start back up right away but then under load, it stalls again! I have dielectric greased the spark plug and all the electrical connections I can get to.

Any suggestions, I really like the machine but this is getting frustrating!

Thanks guys
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want to play in the water??? buy a jetski or a boat. your probably drowning the CDI or some other electrical component
well that's fuel injected right? have you checked all of your front lighting connectors? these quad's harnesses all tie together at somepoint and moisture getting somewhere would cause your situation. also I would check any vents on the fuel system and engine.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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