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07 420 FM stalling when i hit water

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ko, here it is. I have a 2007 420 FM and I can ride trail and lite mud all day, no problems. BUT, when I go to really play and get in some water, this thing will stall. Air box has always been bone dry. It will start back up right away but then under load, it stalls again! I have dielectric greased the spark plug and all the electrical connections I can get to.

Any suggestions, I really like the machine but this is getting frustrating!

Thanks guys
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i'm not talking alot of water here at all,more mud than anything, maybe just over the tires at most, don't think a jetski would cut it, but it happens even if i hit a puddle with any speed at all and it splashes. if this thing cant drive through a puddle without stalling i would think something is up.
thanks guys, I'll have to pull the plastic off and re-check all my electrical connections. I heard about the side panels on the yamaha and removed mine last year, thought it solved the problem but last mondays ride proved otherwise.

hopefully i just missed a connector or two and its nothing serious.
ok, took all the plastic off this thing, found a couple electrical connections that i didn't have dielectric greased and took care of them. also found the spark plug boot had a 1/2 inch tear in it right at the bottom.( i don't know if thats the problem)

i'm going to try the hose idea to try and isolate where the problem is if its not the spark plug boot.

thanks for the ideas guys.
just for a conclusion to this was the small tear in the sparkplug boot. replaced it for $20 and 5 minutes of work and no more problems.
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