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'06 TRX250TM slipping clutch?

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I haven't been able to fully get all the power down on the quad. It's a semi-automatic, non-electric shift, TRX250. I can't find any information on this topic so I'm trying here. Whenever i'm in a high-ish gear and I give it some gas the engine RPMs go up but no power goes through the driveline. Eventually it will "grab" and the engine RPMs go down and I can clearly tell and feel that the engine and transmission are bound. But when ever I gas it, it slips. Happens a lot on hills, and is starting to happen just normally. I have a feeling the "Wight Clutches" are worn or something. The clutch that engages after the engine hits a certain RPM. I don't think its the main clutch pack for shifting gears, but I could be wrong. What is going on?? What can I do to get more power down? Is this common? Because it sure doesn't seem so.

Thanks everyone.
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So just pull the front cover off and inspect? How big of a job is it to change that stuff out?
Is it reasonably easy to swap those components out without having to pull the motor? That's the big question.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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