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So, i picked up a 06 trx90 for my daughter to start racing the 90 limited class at the GNCC. we got it had an amazon carb still ran decent cleaned it all up and bike seemed good for a while. then we had some shifting issues so i pulled it all the way apart replaced some parts went ahead and did a top end while there, all OEM parts and gaskets. got it back together and had some jetting issues, after fighting the amazon carb we just bought a brand-new OEM carb, stuck that on and seemed to rev up good till around 5800rpm. if you rev slow it will rev around 7000 but past 3/4 throttle it was start cutting out and drop to around 6000rpms again and just cut out like it had a rev limiter. of course, i cut the pink wire and had no change at all. I've checked the timing, and valve clearance numerous times, every time it all checks out compared to the manual. while doing all this i noticed oil was getting into the generator side cover so i replaced all those gaskets at this time also. So, I grabbed my buddies 2007 that was all stock, pink wire still attached, only had a big gun exhaust. i pulled every bit of electrical besides the harness and swapped to his bike and it would rev out to almost 10,000rpm, regardless with my parts or his same thing, also when i put his stuff on my bike still same outcome on mine only around 6000rpm with it cutting out.

Regardless, it runs pretty good up till around that 6000rpm mark and we had a backup quad we could borrow so we loaded up and headed to the races and met up with some other friends that are pretty good with the Honda's. so here is everything else we did, went from stock main jet of 82 to an 85 then a 90 with only change is you can tell its running super rich then down to a 78 main and still same. pulled exhaust off make sure it wasn't clogged, no change. airbox lid off, on, air cleaner out, doesn't make much difference besides being able to tell it runs richer or leaner a little. sprayed the motor, intake, carb down with brake cleaner while running to make sure there wasn't an air leak anywhere and no change when doing that. pulling the left side cover it was quite rusty in there from previous owner so we cleaned all that and the pickup on the fly wheel with what we had on hand, a grinder so I know it's not a smooth surface like it should be but when i swapped the whole side cover and flywheel to the other quad earlier in the week it didn't matter ran just fine on it and his still shitty on mine. While at the races there was a guy there saying his did the same, he just assumed that was normal, but we had 2 other stock 90's and they both revved up around 10k just like my buddies so seems like me and this other guy have 2 that are having this problem and i have no clue what to do next.

so brings the question, where do i go next with this thing?
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