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Drinkware Gas Wood Art Audio equipment about tired of FKN with this quad.. came in my shop about 3 weeks ago... the harness was burnt up. it wasn't running worth a crap. the guy had made a manual shifter for it. i fixed the harness. rebuilt the carb. got it running like a top. but this dam shifter.. i bought a new shift motor (it was missing one all together).. i bought the shift bypass harness, as i could not get it to work with the normal harness. the code is 3. which says shift angle sensor. i swapped it but same. i checked the entire harness and replaced a few grounds. so i believe its in the cdi. so i put the bypass harness you can get off amazon on it. the problem is. when you shift with the es. the shift shaft does not return to a neutral position. it's almost like the shift return spring is not STRONG enough to return it. you have to tap the shift down button ever so slightly. THEN it will shift to the next gear. visa versa when down shifting... i put a new shift return spring inside. nada..i even made a EXTRA shift return spring which i mounted to the outside shift shaft.. STILL not enough to return it after a shift..if you remove the motor after you've shifted. you can see the shaft and hear it return to it's neutral position aka clutch fully disengaged. almost like the motor is causing to much resistance on the spring... im at my wits fkn end with this man.. all i can think of is this bypass harness doesn't work? that the cdi HAS to shift it and maybe the angle sensor tells the cdi that the shaft is not at it's neutral position so it tells the motor to automatically move it back just a tad?? yet i read the reviews of other people that have used this harness and they say theirs works GREAT!.. SO WTF IS UP WITH THIS SOAB... drivin me nuckin futs and so is the customer.. i want this thing out of here. id really realllllly appreciate a response from someone whos hopefully had this issue in the past. thanks allot oh yeah...i also put a good used shift motor and gear setup on it. to no avail
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