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Jeep: If your timing was 180 deg. off, it wouldn't run at all.
Actually, it looks like it was 180 degrees off, and did run, it just ran like crap!

your right...I get the chance to get you back !..lmfao. how many times have I told you, and others ?..replace the cam chain when doing engine work !!.lol. as for that shop that did your work ?..ever wonder why they went out of bizz ??? follow the sticky I have on here, on how to adjust and set valves ?..and if your head work and cylinder work was done right ?..then that motor will sound great.
So to follow up on this, I tore back into it Saturday. Luckily I've learned to make sure everything works before I go putting all the plastics and crap back on, so with all of that still off it didn't take me long to get back into the engine.

First, I got to TDC and did it shadetrees way, removing pull start, getting the T in the sight window, and then slowly rotating the crank counter-clockwise using the 17mm crank bolt until I saw the intake valve move. The first time I got the T in the sight window that didn't happen, so I rotated the engine all the way around until T showed up again, then rotated a little bit counter-clockwise and the intake valve moved so I put it back on the T and put the plug back in.

Flipped it up on the back racks, took front cover off again, and the pic below is what I found.

I took everything off, set the marks on the cam and sprocket to the proper spot, and buttoned it back up.

Went ahead and adjusted valves while I knew the engine was a TDC on the compression stroke.

Cranked it up, sounds much better.

Thanks for the help Shade. I owe you another beer!
good deal bro !..i'm glad you got it solved !. I said...a motor 180 out will run ?..but run like crap !..lmao. anyway..thank you for the update. and when your ever back over here in my neck of the woods ?..i'll take you up on that cold brew !
21 - 21 of 21 Posts