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06 Foreman Front Differential won't disengage?

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Hey guys, ive got a 2006 TRX500FA with the ESP. Ive only ridden the thing a few times and I have a trip planned for the end of october, so I decided to replace the Original ball joints and tie-rods which were TOAST. Put it all back together, torqued everything to spec and lo and behold the Front differential wont unlock even when the bikes off.. Try to pull it or push it and its not wanting to go very far, maybe a foot or so before you hear a not so nice clicking sound. Im afraid to try and move it under power, since its doing this. Looked at the Right side CV Axle and it seemed to be sticking out maybe 2-3mm too far; tried pulling it and the damn thing came apart..

Tried jacking up the front end and it wont spin freely either.

That's as far as Ive gotten into it so far, but I would really like some ideas on where to go with this, oh and how to get those damn axles out.

From what I have read from very few and far between sources the Front differentials lock up is dependent on a solenoid on the front diff itself and should always unlock when it loses power..
The output shaft is spinning when we try to move the atv forward or backwards; which is supposedly a good thing?

Thanks in advanced!

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I have acouple questions:

Did you hear the clicking while driving before you pulled the CV axle out?

Are you certain the clicking was coming from the Differential? Could it have been coming from your axle? (Its likely bad, since you were able to pull it apart.)

There are tiny little keeper rings on the end of the splined shafts of axles. You've got to push them in then pull hard to get them out.

The one you pulled apart, is the upper cup/spline still in the diff? If it is, wrap a strap around it a few times, then wrap the other end to a heavy hammer, push the cup in then swing the hammer. Should pop out.
I would pull the diff out, crack it open and start inspecting.
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