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05 trx650fa Honda rincon

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Just got the bike replaced a few parts one being the coil due to not having fire at the plug still nothing. Guess I'm replacing Cdi box next but I'm having trouble. Locating it. can someOne point me in.the right direction?? Thanks in advance
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most c.d.i's are located under the center of the front fender. some are at the front side of the front fender, and some are mounted at the rear right of atv behind the rear right tire. but MOST are under the front fender, center area. are you getting a green neutral light when key is turned on ?, if not ?, it will never fire/spark !.
and you really should down load the service manual for your atv, reading does wonders ! :).
Thanks I kinda knew where it as just couldn't see it I'll strip it Down a little farther . But yes I have my neutral light on kill switch Is working properly as well. Wish I could figure it out I'm ready to see this beast crank up
look under the front fender, center, up high, they are mounted in a rubber boot attached to the frame.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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