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05 trx350 transmission problems

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New member but used the forums for some repairs, thanks for prior help!
05 TRX350FM, out riding turned off and went to start back up, wouldn't start by pull string(wouldn't retract, thought id locked up engine somehow). Got home and found the pull string assembly was messed up and had it in a bind. Replaced assembly and engine starts and runs fine but will not go into gear. When I shift it I can feel a slight move but that's it, wondering if anybody has any ideas. Thanks
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If you can feel it change thru all 5 gears up and all down and shift into everse then the tranny and linkage is fine. Since it's not moving you may you may need to roll the bike back and forth to complete the change before going to another gear. Since this is a manual shift bike it is not good at all if it won't change gears. You'd need to pull the front cover and inspect the linkage and if nothing found then you'd need to split the cases to get to the tranny and shift forks.
I have no idea what the pull rope would have to do with it but it would have made a horrible noise if it bound something internally.
Doesn't sound like a clutch adjustment needed. Sounds like maybe sticky clutch plates. Amsoil is good but try tge lower weight atv oil and I'm assuming you changed the oil filter too. If no change then plan on replacing clutch plates.
This assuming you can shift thru all gears. It's be a really good idea to pull the front cover and see what you see
I personally find it easier to pull or at least turn the motor sideways so I can fit an impact on the clutch nut. If you don't have a clutch puller tool then yes you need to pull or turn the motor anyhow. The centrifugal clutch will be stuck on so you'll need a puller or be able to try to tap it out. They rent clutch pullers at auto parts stores just be very very careful using them not to damage anything.

I can't see how binding the pull rope has anything to do with clutches I think it's just weird timing on the two issues. Bound rope should have just made the engine quit or run horribly afterwards because if a woodruff key.
I suppose it could be possible to damage something internally but you surely would have heard it. Remove the front cover and see what you see incase clutch gears and linkage are out of sorts. I personally would remove the back cover too and inspect just for good measure ESPECIALLY if you were not experiencing any clutch slipping prior to the rope event and have no response moving in any gear. But DO confirm your clutch adjustment is correct as Shade explained BEFORE going forward.
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