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05 trx350 transmission problems

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New member but used the forums for some repairs, thanks for prior help!
05 TRX350FM, out riding turned off and went to start back up, wouldn't start by pull string(wouldn't retract, thought id locked up engine somehow). Got home and found the pull string assembly was messed up and had it in a bind. Replaced assembly and engine starts and runs fine but will not go into gear. When I shift it I can feel a slight move but that's it, wondering if anybody has any ideas. Thanks
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it has an electric and pull start. I have not taken it apart yet either retro. ill mess with adjusting the clutch and get back
So I did the adjustment on clutch: backed nut off, turned clockwise a turn, turned counter-clockwise until feeling resistance, then back a quarter turn. Didn't help any, you feel it go into gear but she don't move.
Did a full service when I brought her home from the original incident in my opening question. So theres obviously something wrong in the transmission, any ideas??

Thanks for help
OK, I'm going to try the clutch adjustment again. I used amsoil atv oil when I changed the oil
Carolynskii - It will change through all the gears with no problem. The pull string assembly had come apart and had caused it be in a bind on the shaft goin into the case. I did change filter also when oil change. What weight/brand of oil do you recommend?

So maybe the clutch plates? Can I change them out with the engine still in the bike or do I need to pull engine?

Thanks guys for all the help/guidance!
Ok, ill check it out. Get back to ya in about a week probably. thanks
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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