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05 Rancher AT 400

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Just recently acquired this bike and needing a little guidance. It was not shifting at all. The esp light is flashing (6 blinks). According to the service manual it is the code for the ecu. Well I replaced the angle sensor the shift motor and the ecu. I did the initialization and heard the shift motor sync. It's still blinking (6) and it's giving the -- where the N is supposed to display. I just recently rebuilt the top end but I'm not wanting to dump a whole lot more into a bike that's going to be used to haul deer out of the woods. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Had this exact prob with the same year machine. Ended up being the connections under the 'hood'. Just another spot to check, the connections were just dirty & once unplugged & plugged back in it was fine for years. Cheap & free to check, so i would at least try that.
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