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05 Rancher AT 400

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Just recently acquired this bike and needing a little guidance. It was not shifting at all. The esp light is flashing (6 blinks). According to the service manual it is the code for the ecu. Well I replaced the angle sensor the shift motor and the ecu. I did the initialization and heard the shift motor sync. It's still blinking (6) and it's giving the -- where the N is supposed to display. I just recently rebuilt the top end but I'm not wanting to dump a whole lot more into a bike that's going to be used to haul deer out of the woods. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you for that, I'll check that in the morning.
Thanks ATC4ever. The guy I got it from seemed to like to mud ride so that's not out of the realm of possibility. Thanks for the tip and if it will quit lightning here in lower Alabama I'll definitely do some cleaning under there and check and dielectric grease all connections. Thanks for the tip.
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