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Hello everyone. I have an 05 honda trx450r that was running rich and had carbon build up on the plug and inside the carb when I bought it. I cleaned every aspect of the carb, ordered an fmf power up jet kit and a flex tech fuel screw. it had a 175 in the main jet from the previous owner and I put a 180 in and it still has the stock pilot which is 48. The needle is on the 3rd notch. It Use to have a hanging idle and didn't really wanna stay idling at all. Now with the new parts and the cleaning it runs a lot better but still has a hanging idle but not as bad, I pulled my new plug I had put in there and around mouth was kinda dark still yet but it was a dark brown on the plug itself so I feel like I'm getting closer to getting it to run right. I'm curious as to if i need to go up in jet size even more yet? It has no air box lid, a mild cam and a full hmf exhaust. It's winter here right now so it's cold and I'm about 1000 ft sea level.
First of all the R&D flex jet is not for 04-05 carb they are for FCR carbs only. The taper on the tip is entirely different. I would put the stock fuel screw in and set it to 2 1/2 turns from lightly seated. If your plug is dark brown it's a little rich dropping back to a 170 may lean it out enough? I have a jetting how to in my signature that should help explain how to jet your carb accordingly?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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