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05 Honda TRX400 FA issues...Long post

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Got just what the title says for a good deal. The atv wouldn't shift, so I pulled the codes and replaced the following: Throttle position sensor, angle shift sensor, shift motor, and ECU. The ATV started shifting and running great. Noticed the carb giving issues, but not too bad. Changed the oil with correct oil, filter and air filter. Started up the ATV and it was running like a top. Noticed the carb leaking fuel from bottom of bowl. Decided to ride it anyway for a bit, just to ride. Made two laps around the yard and the ATV just quit. Started it back up and made it 50' and it shut off again. Wouldn't restart this time. Decided it was carb rebuild time, took off the carb and noticed it had been into before...screws were totally demolished. So I ordered a carb from, replaces part #Honda 16100-HN7-013; according to them. Supposed to be ready to go out of the box. Anyway, carb is here and on.. ATV still not running.

I'm getting fuel, clean fuel to the carb. Engine will turn over and has compression(don't know how much, but it will lift my finger if I plug the spark pug hole) Plug is getting wet like its flooding. Clean off plug and no luck still. But I can pull the rope to start the ATV and it will backfire through the exhaust. I'm getting spark, verified that with plug out and on boot, touching frame. All fuses are good, touch every wire I can.

So I decided to get aggressive.. took off air filter and sprayed starting fluid into carb. Guess what? Still wont bust off. I did notice that with the air filter off, I will get blow back from the carb back into the breather box. Stuck my finger into the carb and lifted the throttle and could feel fuel blowing up on my finger.

At this point I'm lost. Only thing I can think of is that the plug isn't giving enough spark. Remember, the ATV ran great before it just quit. Anyone got thoughts? Or prayers?
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