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My Foreman wouldn't start...still won't continue to run. I know that I have a gas blockage somewhere. I can prime some gas into the carb and it will start but only run for a short time (2-5 seconds). So, I opened the drain screw to get some fresh gas in and maybe clear the problem. Now the gas continues to drain out of the hole with the drain screw back in. If I turn the gas off, it stops. That would indicate to me that the float is stuck open...sound right? But the engine isn't flooding out, it is not getting any gas.

Two different problems? Stuck float and plugged jet? Anything that I can add to the gas to maybe help resolve the problem? My father-in-law is a Sea Foam fan. Any experience with this product? I can pull the carb., clean it, and see if that works... I just would rather not have to pull it apart.

I have another Foreman that was stored the exact same way over the winter and is running like a champ. Any thoughts would be much appriciated.
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