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05 400ex reverse shaft

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i was taking apart the right side crankcase to try and easy out the long oil filter cover bolt that's infamous for stripping and breaking, mine was . while taking apart the crankcase i accidentally left one screw on, the one that holds the reverse shaft in. can i just put it back in with the spring that's on there aswell ? or will i have to take this atv apart further. the whole shaft and spring is still attached to crankcase cover
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Yikes!! This one looks bad from the diagram on the fsm. It appears if that shaft is removed there is another spring inside the trans case and a pin that goes into it and some other things. Im keeping my fingers crossed im wrong. But if nothing else i will make sure i never forget to remove the nut off the end of the reverse shaft thats for sure. Ive never known how close to disaster i really was. Being that ive pulled that side cover atleast 50 times on 400exs with reverse.

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I would try putting it back in for hopes it will align like it needs to. If nothing else you will want the side cover back on and everything for when you take it to the shop. Like i said there is a realistic chance im wrong. And honestly i hope i am. Part of me thinks if its that important they would say it in the manual to be sure to not forget it. Keep us posted though.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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