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05 300ex Shift Problem After Repair

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I have a 05 300ex. It was running fine until my 1 way clutch went out. I replaced it and while replacing it it was in neutral. I was pulling the flywheel and heard a click like it was put into gear. It is now stuck in 1st or 2nd gear I believe. It will not shift up or down at all nor will the reverse pull up. It moves a little but will not fully click up or down on the shift selector. I can not find much online about how the shifter mechanism on the drum works. I believe it is the assembly that the reverse attaches to may not be in the correct position may be? Any help would be appreciated! It starts and runs in gear and pulling in the clutch I can start it and ride it but it will not shift at all...
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I think something with the shift mechanism has failed. To inspect the shift mechanism you will need to removed the left engine side cover, then that will expose all the shifting parts that rotate the shift drum to shift gears most likely you will find your issue there. If not then the problem may be in the trans. It is comprised of a shift arm, a spindle and a couple small springs and plungers. While you are in there I would see if you can actually rotate the shift drum itself to make sure it will move. Hope this helps.
Here's a little diagram on how the shift lever and everything is assembled.


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