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hey i have a question about my 450r today when i was riding i was pulling in to park it and as i was coming down the drive way the engine jerked once, then i pulled the clutch it did it about 2 or 3 more times and i put it in N and rolled the rest of the way and it cut off. I then stopped and tried to crank it and the kicker would not go down so i rolled it back and foward to see if it was locked down and it rolled a little and the kicker freed up again but it was still harder to push down then normal, i only pushed down twice and it got stuck again so i did the same again and it barely rolled any and the kicker freed once more, i did not touch it after that any answers on what the problem could be ive had one seized up before in the past but ive never had it to where it would go down again after what i thought was seized, gonna take the oil filter out tomorrow and check for metal shavings but any further help would be greatly appreciated thanks again so much! josh.
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