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04 rancher shift problem

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My 04 rancher 400FA is blowing the shift motor fuse. I had our local guy go through it and replace the angle sensor and he clean up the shifter motor, so has any else got any ideas ????
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Ill give it a test and check it out tomorrow....will let you know.... thanks!
Ok, sorry about not getting to it!!...
I have just taken the shift motor off and cant seem to get the esp code to reset. I used the machine yesterday and still had the fuse blow twice.... I took spare fuses.... however the fuse is good and hasnt blown.... yet!.... maybe the ECM?...IM off to read the shop manual ad go through the code 5 steps...
Any input would be greatly appreciated
Ok I got the machine to reset after leaving it 5 minutes. So when it starts the control/shift motor spins then stops and the esp code 5 blinks again. It seems like the control motor spins fine and the fuse didnt blow. Does this mean that something in the transmission overloads the control motor to make the fuse blow???
Another update.
Well while pondering the problem and trying not to throw a hammer at it...i checked the other fuses....and found that the ACC fuse was blown too..... so after changing the 10amp out the code is gone and it seems to shift ok in esp mode. So will take it for a test ride..... here is hoping!!
No it blows the fuse in both...
Thanks for the reply....Im hoping the ACC fuse change is the problem.....although i wonder why that blew?
Yes i have the service manual.
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