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Hello, new to the forums and was wanting some input. I am heading from Indiana to Colorado next week and taking my ATV for the first time (bought it used, w/o a service manual). Our local elevation is around 800ft, and I will be using the ATV around 8500-9000ft. I was wondering what other experience has been, and if re-jetting for the altitude is needed. I will be out there for a week, using the ATV for covering some ground while hunting, but won't be running extensively or for more than a mile or so out and back in the morning/evening. Just "asking around" I have been told to re-jet, not to re-jet, and to use only E85 gas and not re-jet. None of the advise offerers however have any first hand experience. Thought I'd join the forum and see if I could get some useful advice. Thanks in advance for any input.
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