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'04 rancher 400at fan problems

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The fan on my 400at rancher stopped working. I replaced it with a new one then took it out for a test ride. After awhile of moderate to hard riding it finally kicked on, but I noticed that the engine had already gotten pretty hot before it did come on. It seemed to me like it took longer for it to come on. I'm I being paranoid or is this normal? Also can anyone tell me where the temp sensor is located?

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2004 Rancher 400 fan problem

I also have the same have a 2004 400 rancher and the fan stopped working.
I connected the fan to a 12v and it worked. Is there something else i can check?
I am assuming this is my problem, when i'm plowing my driveway and going through trails for about 10-15 mins the bike wants to stall. But at that time i have notice the temp light and the fan has not came on.
Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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