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04 Honda TRX90 clutch replacement

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Hi all! So our 2004 Honda TRX 90 clutch finally went out. I’ve bought new OEM clutches but before I went pulling bolts off and get myself in trouble I felt it would be a good idea to reach out here for some knowledge. I was going to buy a manual but as soon as the new clutch is in this gem will be going up for sale as my son rode a Yamaha Raptor 250 after the clutch went turning back. So if anyone has any tips,pointers or can post up what a manual directions are that would be fantastic! Thanks HAF members!
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Hmmm...nobody has info on the clutch replacement for these Honda TRX90’s? I’m going to purchase a new side cover gasket as I’m sure at 15 years old the original isn’t going to come off easily. Thanks for any help!
Thanks me the secret handshake!
Thank u very much Shadetree!!
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