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I just bought a 2004 TRX400FGA with same issue. Rear shocks are original and need stiffer or adjustable ones to replace. I am having difficulty finding a good replacement. I google the suggestions that I have read here and on other posts but cant seem to find anything for 2004, only up to 2003.

The ONLY items that I can find that fit the 2004 400's is the spring replacements such as the Progressive high lifter springs

what would be helpful for me is a specific model # that I can look for.

Thanks to anyone that can help

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you can also wear a GOOD Kidney belt/back support and that will help things too, (I have bad back issue's, so have experience in this area)
But even with upgraded shocks, I doubt its going to be THAT big a difference for you.
better ride tends to come from IRS all around ATV's, solid rear axles will always have more KICK to them, due to design of them!
I switched from OEM< to Bronco's(adjustable like 512's just cheaper) and the ride didn;t get ANY better at all, zero difference in ride quality, BUT being adjustable, I could crank the front up when I stick plow on atv, so a win there/
's are a BETTER shock, thus the added price, but, its NOT going to be a BIG difference
when you get into HIGH end shocks, they will preform better, but I gather more so at SPEED
if your out SLOW trail riding and taking it easy, I doubt the gains will be that BIG for you, or NOT worth the costs,
be better off putting that money towards a softer riding atv, sorry, not what I bet you want to hear, but honest advice here

going to smaller tires and LIGHTER tires, and playing with air pressure might get you some GIVE too, as will have less un sprung weight to control and well less air, allows tires to sort of work as shocks, but too low and wheel damage will occur or flats! or tire come off the wheel/bead?
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